Day 14: Tuesday 9/28/10

Lately I've been tied up doing regular day to day stuff. I have a job that starts Monday, its at a vegan restaurant called Rainbow Living Foods. They make Tiramisu! YAY! I put down a deposit on a cheap Honda Ruckus today and will be picking it up tomorrow. My roommate is remodeling a friends house and has asked me to help. I gots no problems wit makin mo money. Painting for $12/hr cash is pretty sweet. Got some stickers from the bike shop for my pinkish purple la ptop that I bought on accident. Walmart sucks. Met some more cool people. This one girl I met at the local pizza/bakery joint is producing a documentary and was on her way to go meet a potential investor. She's wierdo/intelligent/artsy. Apparently she has some of her works at my new job. I'll be checking that out next time I'm over there. Speaking of which, yesterday I stopped in to my workplace cuz I had time before the bus picked up. The owner (hottest 40+ woman ever) was whirring about there were 3 other people there working and there were no customers. Everyone was busy. She has this lime mint water she keeps on giving me. I love it! Okay, handyman at 8am. Sleepytime.

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