Day 3. Friday 9/17/10

What? 3:45! I'm awake? NOOOO! I get out of bed ater the roosters start the day. Last nite, Will said they don't bother him any more and he was up with me. Time to ride to Walmart to get a cell phone (thats 3 trips now) so I can expedite my efforts in job hunting and home searching. Just after I get back to Kapaa, I get a call about a place in Waimea (which is on the way back from Walmart). Its in a nice place, up a hill I hear. Oh man IS IT A HILL! On the way up I realize I forgot the phone # to a guy I was supposed to call at 12:45 (its noon at this point) or is it 1:45? Turns out the place is on the highway, with jalousy windows. If I moved here, I probably would wind up employed in the near future running this guy's rental properties. Its too early for this kind of decision. On my way back to Kapaa now. Going down the hill. . . . . WHEEEEE!!!!! I later call the landlord I just met and thank him. I officially decline the place but show my talents (in case he gets a better place available) by telling him about I get back to the hostel at 1:45 and its believe it or not actually when I needed to call. I call Jim and decide to come see his place. I learn about the bus and it leaves in 5 minutes. Fortunately the stop is right out front. Turns out Kilauea is the right speed, Jim surfs, is a masseuse, is building a catamaran to go to Fiji, and practices Jiu Jitsu. I move in tomorrow. I take the bus back, have dinner..macaroni and cheese with spam and canned vegetables. There's left overs and I'm movin out. Sharing time. To end the day, I decide to see how far that bike path goes. Saw a glimpse on the say to Kilauea. Its long.

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