Day 4: Saturday 9/18/10

Job hunting time. Jim says to ask around and I do. They say come back later. I bike to Anini Beach. What a beautiful ride. What a big hill. Twice. Jim tells me about a Corolla on a bulletin board. I call and leave a message. I also hear about a farmers market (from Jim) and buy green beans and potatoes, which turn out to be blue sweet potatoes! Corolla lady calls, meets me en-route to Anahola where I think I can get laundry detergent and meat.On the way I see a guy trying to get this dog, it wants to run in the road! I'm making matters worse so I bid the guy good luck and move on. Turns out the car is (c)rusty. Anahola is far she tells me (9 miles), I turn around. After dinner I cruise out to the lighthouse in Kilauea for a view. The journey made the trip, not the destination.

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