Day 2. Thursday, 9/16/10

Go to Walmart when I wake up at 5am and get rained on. Walmarts aren't all 24 hours. It opens at 7! I get wetter. I buy a backpack, shoes, clothes, and spend 1/2 an hour trying to buy a leatherman they don't have. I walk back to the motel I stayed at (with shoes on!) and talk to the owner about a job and home. No job, too much money for a place that small. ($700 for one room!) I decide to buy a bike and walk back to Walmart. I got the nicer Schwinn since its my main transportation and there's mountains in these here parts. Time to ride to Kapaa! After a brisk 45 minute ride without any water (d'oh!), on adrenaline (haven't learned to bike slow yet), next to traffic (nicer people in these here parts), I'm in Kapaa. Its a beautiful ride there and I discover a bike path long the ocean that later I find goes almost to Anahola. I ride by my first hostel and it looks like a dump. I ride to my second hostel and nobody's home. I ride back to the first hostel and take a closer look. I see some kids playing in the grass between the beach and the hostel and ask them about the place. Turns out one of the guys, Will, works there. Jackpot! Turns out its cute in its dumpy, tropical, hostel like way. The people are cool and not cracked out as well. I now head to the library to check on permanent housing and a job. It turns out I'm hungry and the hostel is across the street from the best burgers on the island. this place has 5 solar panels, 3 as a canopy and 2 on the roof. $5 later I'm full (I ate the little burger). Back to the library (the one in Kapaa this time) for more job hunting. After my time is up (I get an hour at a time) I grab some Spam, Macaroni and Cheese and bread. There's my first Spam sandwich in my near future. Hawaiian Bread Ketchup and Spam, YUMMY! After dinner I ge some Sparks, determined to break my 4 hour time difference sleepiness. I hang out with some hostel people and drink some beer too. Lites out at 11:30 at the hostel. I made it.

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