Day 18: Saturday 10/2/10

I bought a board today. $50 at the Hanalei board swap. First Saturday of every month. I'll be there every month until I have every type of board I need. At $50 a piece, I can have 12 boards for the price of my last one! Rode the Ruckus to Hanalei. I was rather concerned that I'd get a lot of unfriendly drivers but it wasn't so bad. I had to put my board under my butt and ride "Bali style" (minus the bungee) in order to get it home. I went to the Princeville hardware store to get supplies to make a rack. $60 for pvc and accessories. not happenin. I bought a manufactured one for $100 on craigslist since i got my board so cheap n all.

I painted for my roommate (who is remodeling for a friend) for 16 hours this week. It was really nice having that extra cash. It was also really nice of Jim to have me help.

I really like my Ruckus. I don't think I'll ever own a car again. I just need to spend about $200 on upgrades so that I don't go 28 mph up hills and my stuff doesn't get wet when I ride in the rain. A new battery box would be nice (the front part that's camo) but they're expensive. Mine's cracked. I think I'll do some ghetto fabulous repair. Either that or remove it and make one out of something that doesn't belong on a motorcycle.

I applied to work for Common Ground to be their Events Manager. I really hope I get it. I spent 20 hours on my resume and cover letter to get this job. if you're interested. You should be if you're not so click the link and start your own commonground(your hometown here).net!

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