Day 9: Thursday 9/23/10

Wow, another trip to Walmart. Typical Walmart fashion, they're out of what I want so I have to get the next best thing. Turns out after I get home, the computer I bought is pink. Fuck it. I'm buying some stickers tomorrow! Try for a couple more jobs online. I'd clean someone's toenails for the right money at this point. I'd like to get a job, a car, and a surf board. I've hesitated on so many things other than looking for a job, hoping the job will make everything else easier. Everyone I run into says I have the right personality and approach to getting a job, I just haven't found the job yet. Well, I'm still under review (3 days now) for on call Banquet House Attendant according to the Starwood Resorts website. That would be an awesome gig. On call means awesome pay and its an in to a big employer with plenty of opportunity.

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