Day 6: Monday

I sleep in 'till 7:30ish, finally! Today I've applied to more places than I've done since I got here. autism caretaker, farmer, banquet server, just to mention a couple things. Spent another $100 at Walmart. Food mostly, thankfully. Bought orange oil for the walls in my room, it made the place not feel so old. I still live in a 12x12 carpeted shipping crate, but at least there's some luster to the walls now. I also got a ceiling fan. Believe it or not I have no a/c and no ceiling fan for $560 a month (utilities incl.). Daytona would have this for $300. This is NOT Daytona! Everyone has an interesting story to tell and they're not toothless drunks. There's a lot of drinkers here, but they're different for some reason. Maybe its because a 12 pack of Heineken is almost $20. Oh yeah, almost forgot only 2 bikes at a time on the bus!

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