Day 8: Wednesday 9/22/10

Wow, I've been here a week. In the morning, I work for three hours. I wind up trimming Guava trees in to hedges rather than weed wacking. Well, actually, I'm just putting cut branches in piles for three hours. There's $30 for yah. In the afternoon I ask around for more work. I decide to get some ice cream down the street from where I'm staying. Turns out this is the best ice cream in the world. I have cream lychee! $5 for a waffle cone and if I were employed I'd get one every day. The owner of the shop and I chat for a bit. He asks for my # and will try to find me a job. I think he's maybe the 6th person to ask for my # to help out. I decide to head to rock quarrys (a nice spot hidden from tourists) to get a look at the full moon. I meet Steph (guy) who is fishing I ask him a couple questions about fishing and we hit it off. 3 hours later he hasn't caught any fish but I heard some great fish stories. We go back to his place for some beer and more bsing. I meet his beautiful wife who goes out to get us beer. Steph tells me she's never done that before! We hang out on this deck he built above his driveway that you access from the second floor of his house. Its made from this really expensive hardwood that doesn't warp, splinter or crack. He built it. Come to find out he's a contractor and has a job coming up in a week or so and apparently he needs some more help for this one. I've been asked if I'd like to help. Oh yeah! On top of it all, I'm going out in his boat this weekend for some big time fishing. We're talking 250 pound mahi, 100 pound ono (wahoo) kind of fishing. The whole time we're chatting I'm almost giggling about what this guy knows and what he's caught. Crazy thing, he kind of reminds me of Gator Dave.

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