Day 7: Tuesday 9/21/10

Anxious to install my ceiling fan I plan to head to Princeville Ace Hardware (Island Hardware) before I head to Hanalei to look for jobs. Before I head out I decide to finally try out the bakery and get a sticky bun and a coffee. Erin, the cashier when I got my application was not working, but came by for free breakfast and brought her dog. A very young looking 39 year old blond brought her bird with her (I remember the bird from the day before). She's German and from LA. We got to talking and come to find out she's friends with the owner's of a nearby art gallery. She's going to ask if they'd like to employ me. After breakfast I go to apply at the health food store. No go there, but I meet Sun, who works Kilauea Farms. I'll be weed wacking for $10 an hour. Jim says I should get $15. We'll see. After that I bus to Ace hardware and get my electrical box and a multitool. While I'm there I get an application. In the check out aisle I meet Michoel, the island's Rabbi. I ask him if he plans on using all of the 200 zip ties today and he said yes. Being the incredible detective that I am, I asked him if he was building a Succos! He was amazed I knew that. After chatting, he asks me to help and I agree to. For two hours I harvest bamboo, shortly there after the bamboo is loaded up in the truck David (another Rabbi) brings. We have a hard time making sure the load stays in. Kevin shows up and helps us. We all build this beautiful Succos and I get tipped $50.

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