Day 26: Sunday, 10/10/10

This weekend is Kauai's Homegrown Festival. Ken Emerson with his Slack Key Guitar, Sashamon, Donnovan Frankenriter, The Yes Men, Skunk Dog, Animal Dream, Kapaia Stream were all awesome. Today there's going to be plenty more. Its so cool that I get to go to a music festival of all the best local bands. At the festival, which is on a farm, I got to park my Ruckus on the farm and not on the side of the road. What a treat. The set up was wonderful, a hillside was carved into a crude amphitheater with a landscaped stage. The whole setting was very earthy and chill. I met so many people and really got a nice local vibe from going. AND I get to do it again today! It starts at noon, and is only a 10 minute scooter ride away!

How 'bout those Cocks! All hail Steve Spurrier!

I replaced my fuel filter, air filter and spark plug. The bike runs a bit better. I have a new belt and some parts to manipulate the CVT on order. They'll be here Tuesday I bet. Can't wait!

Work is starting to get routine. I think I know more about running a restaurant that what I give myself credit. But I'm a dishwasher/prep cook.

I've gone out to go surf twice without there being waves. Finding the right break depending on swell direction is difficult. Friday I went to find "Middles" per Jim's recommendation. Middles was tiny, but Waicocos was pretty nice. Met come cool guys on the water (two of them play for Kapaia Stream I later find) and after they left an agro Hawaiian wanted to do gay things with his surf board to me. I don't feel threatened. I wonder how long it'll take before someone tries to start a fist fight with me. No worries, its hard to throw a punch on a surf board.

Time for some lunch before I go soak up some more local grooves.

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