Thursday 10/28/10

This morning I rode to work in my normal fashion. 5 minutes after I got there there was quite a downpour. I ran an errand a couple hours later and my bike wouldn't leave low gear. Later I find out my drive belt has been slipping. I find that there are some damaged parts on my clutch assembly. I wanted to completely disassemble it tonight and clean up the marred areas and try it tomorrow. Taking it apart without proper tools is a pain in the ass.

I've been to the local Honda dealer several times so they guys there have gotten to know me. I got a hand taking apart my bike and took what we think is the broken part home. Hopefully I can solve the problem and put my bike back together tomorrow. I don't have a plan b.

Here's the shirt I wore today. Go Warriors! I guess.

The guy who I hitched a ride home from shared with me some of the things that tend to happen to people when they move to the island. For starters, the island has whats called manu, spiritual power. When you first move here, its said that the island tests you, to see if you belong here. Yeah, I've been tested. Apparently you'll live a good life here on Kauai if you simply respect others and respect the place you live (the island itself). Ironically, I turned down a job with Verizon because I didn't want to make money selling stuff to people they don't need. In the same week my bike breaks. There is a reason for all this, right?

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