Tuesday 10/26

Over the weekend I worked on my bike a bit. Some parts came in from ebay and since I had Saturday and Sunday off (I work every other Saturday) I decided to install them. I now have led turn indicators and a homemade windscreen. I think I'm going to redo the windscreen, its kinda disproportionate. I have another piece, so it won't cost me anything. I have maybe 20 hours into the fabrications. I still need to put some resistors in line with the turn indicators (led lights don't draw enough power for the flasher relay to work) but everything looks pretty good. I installed two tail lights to make sure I am seen, and they are plenty bright. I also installed bar end mirrors. Its a fashion thing. My stock mirrors were kinda crusty and I like the profile of the bike without the mirrors in the way.

I looked at some bamboo sheets today to replace my battery box. A sheet is $38 and its 5 times more than what I need. Its really nice material, so I know I'll find a use for the rest. Now all I need is a way to get it home.

Saturday I discovered an amazing estate sale and bought a jig saw for $5. I'll be using it when I make the bamboo battery box. I tried really hard to find something else I could use. There were people every where buying stuff. A guy noticed some fishing poles just before I did unfortunately.

I got rained on for the second time on my way home. No big deal. Just a quick 1 minute downpour and then nothing. Three times. I can't wait for the rainy season. I have my rain gear (zip lock bag). And I have a dry bag with a spare change of clothes on me all the time.

The windscreen I installed helps a lot with my average speed. My top speed is still 47, but I'm now going several mph faster when there's a headwind or when I'm climbing a hill. Acceleration is better as well. When I first rode the Ruckus before I tuned the carb, it took me 40 something minutes to go to Kapa'a. I now do it in 25. Bitchin.

I'm selling my brand new bicycle. I'm just not using it. I have $25o into the bike w/ all the accessories and I'm trying to get $200. Its a good deal for me, to have cost only $50 to get to this point using the bike is great. I'm actually trying to trade it for another surfboard, but nobody is biting on that idea.

Time for dinner and I'm tired of what I have to eat. If I go to the store I'll wind up with a $15-$20 meal (with leftovers so maybe 3 meals) and I'm really trying to keep my spending down. I can get cheaper food in Kapa'a, but it takes planning and I'm an impulsive eater

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