Day 34: Monday, 10/18/2010

Things have started to mellow down a bit for me. I work six days a week, 5 hours a day. Its not bad. My commute to work has been 30 minutes minimum. If there's traffic, I have to slow down to get them to pass. I'm so considerate. Yesterday I replaced some parts on my Ruckus and I now go 5-10 miles an hour faster! Now I'm no loner going 28 up the worst hills, I'm going 33! Down hills I top out at about 50 where 40mph was top speed. 50 is FAST on this bike. If I decide I want to go any faster I'll have to strengthen the frame first.

I think my next step is toward aerodynamics. When I tuck in I go about 1-2mph faster. If I lower the seat (which seems real popular and I thought it was for looks) and put up a windscreen, my acceleration and average speed will increase substantially. I'm concerned about where I'm going to put my long legs if I lower the seat. to be continued...

After I installed these parts I decided to go for a victory lap up to Haena Point. The ride from Hanalei to Haena is great. I could feel the spray of the ocean on my face at some points. I can't wait to go surfing at Tunnels (on the way to Haena). I think it'll be a lot of fun.

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