Day 27: Monday 10/11/10

I used to get a kick out of dates with repeating numbers. I only got to write/type yesterday once. Wait till next year! (11/11/11, oooh...)


The second day of the Homegrown Festival was neat. Not as rockin, mostly due to the fact that there's some sourpuss neighbors that don't have ear plugs or a way to leave the house for a couple hours. Chris Berry is freakin crazy groovin with his thumb piano. His life is outstanding as well check out and scope his bio. Burning Bush is a cool local reggae band that I gotta see when the cops aren't at the entrance to where I'm listening (puff puff pass). Iris and the Feel I gotta see when she's aloud to really throw down. She was told to keep it quiet so we didn't all have to go home early. Dove Presents, the promotion company (run by a dude named Dove believe it or not), put on a really great weekend. Totally cool people. There's this guy, Swamp Daddy (aka Kevin) who was the MC, was pretty good with a harmonica and had his Krazy Chili there. 12 peppers, and nicely spicy. He had a great twist on what I'm used to as a sausage dog (Hawaiian style link w/ spicy bbq sauce). I ran into this girl Adrian, who I met at the Kilauea Bakery, and she introduced me to this crazy physicist. I may work for him. He charges water so the molecules are all aligned. Yeah.

Today I had off thanks to Chris Colombus. I think we should get rid of Colombus Day and have two days off for Thanksgiving as a trade. Or maybe Valentines Day, or maybe your birthday should be a national holiday. Think about it, the government tells you that your birthday should be your own personal, official holiday. Bitchin!

Went surfing today again at Waicocos. Same kinda weird waves as last time. No agro Hawaiians. Got some pretty sick waves though. I fell right in front of this really hot surfer chick. Damn me and my clumsiness. Wave etiquette requires whoever goes after a wave closest to the peak gets the wave. This chick started WAAY after me, closer to the peak. But I fell. My wave or hers according to etiquette?

Since I changed my spark plug and fuel filter, I think my bike runs much better now. I think it does, and thats all that matters for $12. I've decided I'm going to remove my battery box (the camo part on the front of a Ruckus) and repair it. Then I'm going to have a local artist paint a Hawaiian landscape on it. I want to have the work done by trade. Thats real popular I here.

I've done a lot of interesting other things than my prescribed dishwashing and food prep at work. I've taken my boss shopping (Costco, AT&T, Macy's for kitchen supplies and SHOES!), tomorrow I'll be cleaning the inside of her car, and I've also scoped out new places for obtaining ingredients. I need a challenge all the time.

I think thats why I love surfing. Its not just the rush, harnessing the natural power of a wave, its the constant challenge to be in exactly the right place and maneuver yourself to get the most out of the wave. Surfing in Florida 95% of the time was no longer a challenge. Today it took me 30 minutes to figure out the break in order to get good rides. Good fun I had I tell yah.

I watched this video of tow surfing at Jaws on Maui. HOLY SHIT! Harnessing the power of a wave at a new level. I'm impressed, but I don't like it. Its like using a vibrator while fucking. There's still the natural experience, but there's this machine buzzing, polluting the connection between you and your experience with her (girl or ma ocean). Big difference is surfing is all for you, and sex is a two way street (well, at least theory....for some).

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