Sunday 3/13/11

I love Sundays in Kauai. Particularly the last two I've had with Valarie. The 'aina has really taken care of me. After all, Malama ka 'aina. This means take care of the earth and the earth will take care of you. Last Sunday we had an amazing time at Secrets. When we were sitting on the rocks together, feeling the warmth from them and being entirely captured in the moment we couldn't help but giggle about how perfect the setting was and how amazing everything is right then at that point. Not too long after, a wave comes and water rushes all around us through the cracks in the rocks. The best romance novels don't write experiences like this!

This past Sunday our day started off with a trip to Queen's Bath. The best part was away from where everyone was hanging out, looking around. Valarie and I almost immediately wanted to explore. The two of us having only been hanging out for a brief amount of time, sort of have the same style when it comes to a lot of things. The both of us wanted to explore and didn't have to say anything to one another. We just kind of did it. Our main drive was to find a tide pool to chill out in, but we found so much more. There's this one cut in the lava rocks where water slowly rushes in and out. The water depth changed so much you could feel the power of all the water movement as you stood beside it. The movement felt like the heartbeat of the ocean, filling up and emptying with every wave that comes to shore.

There were a couple of fresh streams and waterfalls which we came across. One cascaded into a tide pool where there were lots of tropical fish. On the other side of this tide pool there was a smaller one, just far enough away from the ocean to be safe but big enough to soak in. The water in it felt like it just came from the ocean so it was quite refreshing. Crossing the larger tide pool could have been pretty tricky, but we decided to wade through rather than hop across rocks. As soon as we crossed on the way back, a large wave came that could have given us quite the startle.

We decide to head to my house for lunch and shortly afterwards sitting on the beach at secrets drinking beer and smoking pakalolo sounded like the right thing to do. I turn my waterproof bag into a cooler and sling it over my shoulder with some rope. After a couple mile hike to the end of the third beach we sun bathe and shell hunt while sipping on Coronas. For awhile there we felt like we should be hired to market this tasty beverage. As the beer gets finished, we don't want to leave and the sun starts setting. We decide to stay and watch the sunset. A bonfire was in order. Valarie is really good at starting fires. That makes her even sexier. Well, we watched all the sunset and then stared at the stars. It may have been 9 or 10 before we decide to pack up to leave. Well, actually, we didn't decide to, the surf washed away our bonfire.

On our walk back with each other in our arms, we look straight up staring at the sky. Little did we know, we passed the beach where the path to our car is. We start climbing over rocks, thinking the tide must of came way up. At one point, Valarie got drenched by a wave that smashed on a rock that she was standing next to. I only had the chance to say, "this is going to be interesting." If it weren't for that boulder, I would have lost her. Seeing a wave completely engulf someone like that is very scary.

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