Thursday, April 22, 2011

Aside from last weekend, I've taken some day hikes to the Hanakapiai Valley on the north edge of the Napali Coast on the weekends. The Hanakapiai Falls is absolutely breathtaking, over a thousand feet high! The beach is rather small, due to the huge cliffs on both sides of you, and the fact that the beach gets washed away by the winter swells. There's all these kirins people have placed which makes a cool site to see as well. Its very peaceful being at a small beach two miles from the nearest car. When I'm out there it makes me want to head to even more remote beaches and sip on some coconut water while staring into the Pacific.

I've been spending a lot of time with Valarie, which means going out to eat and drink, relaxing on the beach and sleeping in. I abuse my body much more than most people. Earlier this week I took her to the airport again, this time for her to be gone to Colorado for three weeks. I plan on fully wearing myself out on my three day weekends.

Stay tuned!

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