Friday 3/11/11

Thursday night I had my first tsunami warning from the earthquake in Japan. It actually had some people a little freaked out. First thing I did was check the elevation of where I live in Kilauea. 300 feet above sea level and 1 mile inland is sufficiently safe, I'd say. Just after I started talking with Valarie about the tsunami warning, the sirens went off. And, wow, they are loud. Unfortunately, the sirens went off practically hourly. Valarie, who lives in Haena (only 15 feet above sea level) evacuated to my room. We had the misfortune of being woken by the sirens and then afterwards by our cell phones. Thank you to all who care about us and wants us to be safe. We are sleepy because of you.

During the day Friday work was rather slow and the mail didn't come to the island so it was kind of a free day. Get paid to hang out and listen to music. I'd rather be at the beach, but I got some projects done and enjoyed doing them while not under pressure.

After work, I met up with Valarie to have a picnic on the beach with a bottle of wine. I've developed a habit of putting my wine bottles in my cup holder on my scooter. I actually had some tourists take pictures of it!

Unfortunately, it rained regularly so the picnic didn't happen. Fortunately, we wound up at Tahiti Nui and ate spicy Hawaiian pizza...think Hawaiian pizza with jalapenos....such a wonderful addition! We also enjoyed a couple Lilikoi (Passion Fruit) Margaritas that were delightful.

In between Lilikoi Margaritas, we went to the beach to drink our wine. Lucky for us, we saw a catamaran not far from where we walked onto the beach and sat on it whilst we drank our wine. It was really nice chilling on the beach with Valarie, watching the water glisten and gazing at the massive silhouette of the mountains to the west.

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