Saturday 3/12/11

I don't know exactly what it is (its probably a multitude of things), but I've been doing some rather serious sleeping in lately. Valarie and I head out for breakfast around lunchtime only to find out that nobody on the north shore likes to eat breakfast after 12 o'clock.

side note. the apostrophe doesn't get used in the English language much except for contractions and the possessive form of words. o'clock is a rare word where the apostrophe is at the front of a word. after reading and pronouncing so much Hawaiian I've grown to appreciate the apostrophe as a matter of fact.

Anyway, I digress. Lets get back to it.

On our way, with 12 pack in hand. Wait a second. Here I am talking about being on my way to breakfast, at noon, with a 12 pack of beer. How did we get to this point? Well, we pulled up next to a couple of guys with a 90 pound boar strapped to their truck. Tourists were taking pictures (and so was Valarie) and I noticed they were having a beer and decided that it was a good idea to have some beer. We were on our way to Kapaa because there's a place called Kountry Kitchen, that must serve breakfast at lunchtime. Well, we didn't make it that far because I remembered brunch at Common Ground's restaurant The Garden. Not exactly the greasy eggs and bacon we were after, but we really enjoyed dining there. Valarie's first time there was a delight for her. I was delighted to have brought her to Common Ground. I just really love that place...its my favorite place to eat on the island. I actually try to bring as many people there as possible.

ooh, more digressing! Back to breakfast. Actually, Valarie had this garlic tuna entree and I had the steak wrap. This is my third time eating the steak wrap. Its that good!

After lunch we head to Kalihiwai to work on the rest of our 12 pack and and our sun tans. Valarie was hoping for a nap on the beach, but good conversation and playing in the ocean won her over.

After the beer was gone and our bellies telling us its dinner time, I felt like a bottle of wine from the Kilauea Town Market and Deli was in order. Their prices are quite modest and their selection is superb. Before our dinner plans could go much further, I remembered Valarie wanted to try the Kilauea Fish Market. After scarfing down a couple of Andy Irons Burritos while listening to a guy (whom I've met before but cannot remember his name) play some Hawaiian music.

We finished off the bottle of wine while watching the sunset down Kilauea Road toward the lighthouse. It was really great just chilling there enjoying the beautiful evening with Valarie.

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