Sunday 3/6/2011

After multiple weekends of having fun on the north shore in spite of the weather, there was very light rain and a little sunshine on Saturday and a beautiful afternoon on Sunday. The plan was to go to Turtle Cave, but with it being so wet after a heavy rain Friday night, I decided to meet Valarie at yoga. Afterward we went to Rock Quarries as planned, but most people who were to meet us there didn't come because of the rain. It was really nice hanging out on the beach drinking beer with her. A few friends stopped by and hung out for a bit. Nubia joined us and the three of us hung out together for the duration of the evening. I decided we needed to have a bonfire since it wasn't raining. I chose to break dead limbs off of some pine trees to make sure the wood was dry. Some logs were a little hard to break. At one point Nubia and Valarie were sitting on a log bouncing on it while I held it in the air. Not the easiest or safest way to break firewood, but effective. Another branch I tried to break by climbing up it and hanging from it. Unable to crack it, I got Valarie to hold onto me. For a moment she was off the ground holding onto me while I held the branch. After Valarie and myself finished off a 12 pack, we ordered pizza at the Kilauea Bakery and had a couple Jack and Pepsi drinks. Nubia as designated driver, we went into Lihue to Cafe Portofino to dance. Its not too often when there's an opportunity to be out dancing and partying 'till 2am on Kauai, so we all really enjoyed the night. To add to the fun, there was a dance team who used some pretty awesome led setups including batons and hula hoops. There also was this one girl who used a long cloth hanging from the rafters to do some really crazy spinning in really flexible positions. Valarie was interested in having another drink and was going to buy me one, however, the bartender couldn't handle how busy it was, so we opted not to. It was a good thing because we had a lot to drink anyway.

After finally getting moving on Sunday sometime early in the afternoon, Valarie and I tried to get some ice cream at my favorite place, Kilauea Ice Cream and Video, only to find out they weren't open for another hour. Deciding to hold out and have ice cream instead of something else, we head to Secrets Beach. It was really nice to be in the ocean, with the sun out at the most amazing beach I've ever been to. Valarie had never been there and had a really good time. Some really fun things happened, I'll have to admit. We had a hermit crab race, looked for shells (unsuccessfully due to the tide), walked the full length of the beach and climbed on the rocks all the way at the other end. This was were we had the hermit crab race. At a tide pool up on the rocks there were some small fish the same coloring as the rocks and some hermit crabs of all sizes with really impressive shells around their bodies. We also, sat on some rocks where at one point a wave came up and water rushed in between the rocks beneath us. Such a magical moment!

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