Saturday 11/27/10

Yesterday I went to Lihue with Alida to drop off her friend Julie's rental car. We left anticipating ridiculous traffic. Our entire day was totally relaxed, no time pressure, everything seemed to fall in place. It took 5 minutes once we dropped off the car for us to get to Walmart. We waited for the bus for only 5 minutes to go to Kapa'a. We had a leisurely lunch, hung out on the beach, picked up my bamboo chair, did some browsing in a couple stores and then met up with Julie, who got off work early, to go to Bikram Yoga. WOW. Ridiculously hot room temperature and holding your body in weird contorted positions for extended periods. The after-effects was really rewarding, I just don't know if I can put myself through that kind of agony on a regular basis.

On Thanksgiving I ate pbnj sandwiches and went surfing. I hitched to Hanalei in the rain, using my surfboard to block the rain. Didn't have much trouble getting a ride fortunately. People in the water were really chill. There was a lot of people out. For a little while, the crowd wasn't all that bad. More and more people came out and it got to a point where there were so many people I had to turn off the wave and not hit somebody. So many people don't know how to get out of the way. As the wind picked up and the crowds got thicker, I decided to go in.

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DL said...

yeah, Bikram in a hot place doesn't sound so appealing, but say, Reno, in the dead of winter -- 3 or 4 times a week is incredible! ;-)