Saturday 11/20/10

Ok, so I knew my bike wasn't sounding right so I have been taking the bus to work until I have time to work on it. The bus is every other hour on Saturdays and I didn't check to see if it came by at 930, when I was supposed to head to Kapaa for work. SO, to avoid being incredibly late for work, I decide to give my scooter a try. I break down 9 miles from home. The thing is, its not the thing I thought was wrong. My drive belt has been sounding like its flapping and hitting the casing, but the engine died. It sort of feels like I don't have any compression. Bill says it could be related to the timing chain.

I get picked up by the guy, I now at this point, used to work for. Used to, as in his wife drove me nuts today trying to talk to me during the middle of our lunch rush. She's quite demanding and not polite at all. On top of that, she's unorganized and not proactive in making sure we have what is needed to prepare food. I told her that I've been working my ass off and can't talk on the phone because orders need to be handled and then hung up on her. She would have talked to me for 5 minutes. At the end of the day she calls and talks to me, yells at me for talking to her the way I hear her husband talk to her. She explains that I need to listen to her and do as she says if I want to work there. I told her that I don't want to work for her and she can find someone else to. Later on, I get asked why I quit and to not get into details I said that the reason why is there's no aloha where I worked.

I take the bus home and have plans for ice cream and ganja and sunset and moonrise. None of that happened. My roommate, Alida, made us Indian food. It was good. Alida is from British Colombia. She'll be here a month and is on her way to New Zealand!

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