Sunday, 11/7/10

Yesterday I went to my second Hanalei Board Swap and got a 7'6" gun/thruster hybrid. It has a bit more volume to it than a regular gun (its wider basically) and has a tapered tail so it can turn like a smaller board. Its the largest maneuverable board I've owned. I got it so I can surf the break closest to home, Rock Quarries. When I've surfed there before, I wouldn't have enough speed. This is my $100 answer for that.

I went to surf Rock Quarries this morning, but there's no swell left. I came across a bit of a rude awakening as well...Its been raining a bit more lately, and the road to Rock Quarries is not paved. Toward the end, the road gets pretty bad. The holes I usually meander around. Well, now they're puddles and there's mud everywhere. Taking the Ruckus around these puddles with muddy slopes is going to take some skill. I am certain a time will come when I wind up going in or through one of these puddles. I elected to not go all the way to the break since I could see it from the road and it would have been a challenge going around the puddles.

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