Sunday 11/28/10

Went to Hanalei with Alida for some more Yoga. The owner of the studio taught the class. There definitely was a different level of intensity. The details were not explained in as much detail. It proved to be quite the challenge for me. After Yoga we went to lunch at the Hanalei Dolphin. Expecting sushi, unfortunately the sushi bar is open only for dinner. Alida did a 180 and had fish and chips. I had sashimi, which is one of my favorites. So happens, her cousin, Melia, was there with a friend dropping off her boyfriend at work. They sat down and had lunch with us. Ian and Melia were fun to hang out with. Later, Melia, Alida, and I went to the beach hoping for nice weather. We wound up with off and on drizzling rain, determined to have a good day at the beach. Not long after we decided volleyball would be fun, we see a guy walking in our direction with a bag of volleyballs. Alida says, "I wonder if he'd like to play volleyball with us. At the same moment, he says, "Would you like to play?" Turns out he's a riot, very good at volleyball, and loves playing it with girls in bikinis. Who doesn't? A couple of his friends show up and we play 4 or 5 games. It was such a blast, we're going to meet next Sunday to do it again. We got a ride home from Melia, I left my flipflops in her car (which I didn't realize for two days), and used my only towel to dry off. When we got home, I put my towel in the dryer and had Alida bring me the towel straight out of the dryer. The water wasn't as hot as it could of been (solar water heater) so the towel was wonderful. Alida and I bundle up and watch a movie on my tiny laptop.

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