Sunday 11/21/10

Woke up this morning kind of slowly. Started making my ritual pbnj breakfast and remembered I bought a mango! Mangoes are the best kind of breakfast. An hour later I had my pbnj anyway. I got invited to go to yoga class with Alida. I mentioned to her before that I think I should try it. We hitched a ride into Hanalei. I bought a two week pass for $50. One session is $15, so if I go 4 times in 2 weeks, its worth it. I think I'll go 4 times this week. On top of that, it'll be a great way to get into Hanalei regularly and do some job hunting. Alida invited me to join her on the 930 bus to go to yoga tomorrow as well.

Yoga was great for me, it took all the tension (that I can tell) out of my body. Our yoga instructor mentioned the stress in our minds exist in our body as well since they are connected. With yoga we relieve the tension in our bodies and remove the issues from our tissues. It made me smile. During the hour and a half class I could feel myself releasing my stress and tension. The rest of the day was wonderful because of the class. I will do yoga a lot from here on out.

After class we had lunch and hitched to Anini Beach for a friend's kid's birthday party. The park is at the end of the road which goes along the beach for about a mile. We hung out for about an hour. It was really nice there, watching the kids play and being at such a beautiful spot in perfect weather.

When Alida and I got back we had ice cream at my favorite spot near home. I'm officially addicted. After ice cream, we played Scrabble. Just as we finished, Indy stuck his head in the door and said, "Are you ready?" But he was just messing around. I then quickly jumped up and said the full moon and scooted out the door. Alida followed because of our excitement. Indy's just because he's always excited and mine because I knew it would be a beautiful night. We biked up to the top of the hill at the bird sanctuary near the Kilauea Lighthouse. The evening sky was magical. Alida led us in a chant which was to the moon so that we could harness the energy from it. Life is good.

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