April 24, 2011

Over the past weekend, I was invited (along with my car) to go to Koke'e with some friends. Unfortunately, my car didn't want to go up toward Waimea Canyon and started to overheat. With the heater cranked (I believe it didn't do any good) we drove to Polihale instead. I really love it out there. Maya found a Japanese fishing glass ball, used as a float on fishing nets. I found my first piece of a sunrise shell, which just makes me want to search even more for a whole shell.

Unfortunately, my newly made hammock got stolen while I was out there. Around the same time I noticed, it was stolen, I saw a six pack of beer sitting on a log. Yay, free beer, but not as nice as a hammock.

We had the most amazing pancakes for breakfast. Claire likes to add trail mix (with chocolate in it) into pancakes along with bananas. We used coconut oil and some Vermont maple syrup (from a happy customer of mine) as well. Cooked over a fire on an iron skillet too!

On the way back I took my first dive off Kipu Falls. Not the biggest jump I've done, but a nice one.

The whole trip (once my car started acting up) was agonizing because of my car, but I still had fun. I can't wait for it to be fixed.

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