Thursday, January 6, 2011

I love hearing the ocean at night. Its a mile away.

My day to day life has tempered down to somewhat ordinary. Aside from that, in a bit of an ironic fashion, I've had some two wheel transportation troubles. Other than my Ruckus motor blowing up, Kauai's finest took my bicycle as evidence because I left it outside a restaurant that was robbed the same night. That day was pretty fun. I met with Alida and at Rock Quarries and walked with her (and my bike) to Kilauea Falls for a swim. It was a very beautiful journey and destination. After 3 weeks of hassling the cops to give me my bike back, I finally win. Days later I get my scooter back. Yesterday I get a phone call from Indy, one of my roommates. He leaves a voicemail saying that he broke a little boy's bicycle and since I'm MacGyver and all (apparently) I get to fix the bike. Mind you, I'm delighted to whip together some ingenuity to fix a 3 year old's bicycle. The rear wheel was FUBAR! Well, here's how I fixed it.

I finished it this morning and later on I receive word that someone knocked over my Ruckus. The fall broke a mirror and my windscreen. How hard is it to have a interesting and simple life? Too add to my two wheel troubles, Jim asks me to help him fix an electric scooter he has. I've tinkered with it and haven't gone into full disassembly of the thing to figure things out. I'll get going with that in a couple days.

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