January 21, 2011

I've settled in nicely to my new job. I work 4 days a week, 7.5 hour days. This is a HUGE difference than when I was living in Florida. Before work I go to the beach and have breakfast or go surfing. After work I watch the sunset or go surfing. I bought 10 yoga classes that I will go to over the next two months. I haven't gone up until recently for about a month. I've missed it.

Tuesday night I went to Kealia for a full moon bonfire. There were about 25 people. The Kauai Adventure Club from www.meetup.com inspired the party. The people were great, we had champagne, hot dogs and marshmallows. Chris, a guy I met on Saturday found some Opihi (limpets) which we steamed over the fire as well. They were a nice treat. Chris and I gathered most of the firewood by using two larger logs and stacking smaller ones across them. I'm such a boy scout! The moon was bright and beautiful. It was really neat seeing it come out of the ocean. its not very common to have a clear horizon on a full moon. A lot of people there saw it for the first time. A while after the moon came up, it was glistening on the waves as they were breaking, almost looking like liquid metal rushing by as the waves break. So incredible!

While I'm showing pictures, the other day I smoked out on the beach with some friends who just happened to see me ride my scooter through Hanalei. We hung out for hours and saw the best sunset I think I've ever seen!

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