February 4th, 2011

Last night I went for a ride to have a little pakalolo and wind up hanging with a rather eclectic Hawaiian dude who was riding a crf250. I wound up having a lot of pakalolo and we raced around on dirt roads and some asphalt twisties. He didn't have a headlight, and I have bald tires. Only in Hawaii do you go out to have a little after work chill time and wind up racing a guy on a dirt bike.

Last weekend I hiked up river to Makaleha Falls. There was more rock climbing than hiking. My legs hurt for 2 days afterwards. Imagine spending 4 hours maneuvering around a jungle gym...lots of lifting yourself up with your arms, then lowering yourself back down over and over again. The whole trek is absolutely beautiful as are the waterfalls.

The next day I planned on doing an 11 mile hike but decided not to for the sake of my legs while at work.

. . .

Recently at work I:

Saw Laird Hamilton
Boxed up a chain saw and a 80 pound wooden tiki in the same day
Was told I'd make a good hammock salesman
(and he's going to keep me in mind if/when my services are needed)
Had three Katies come in to work IN A ROW to use our computers

. . .

I'd like to just take the time to recognize that I regularly share a case of beer with friends on the beach like on Saturday after our hike. There was no pressure to be anywhere and all of us were entirely in the moment. Nobody wanted to move actually. The beer comforted our sore legs and feet. Oh, I forgot to mention...my hike that consisted of a really long jungle gym made of rocks was done barefoot.

. . .

This whole triple dot thing makes me feel like I'm writing a column in a newspaper. Anyway, I have a 4 day weekend, there's surf, I have scooter parts to install and I want to do yoga. Oh yeah, and there's a rock/soul/jam band I want to see. Good night.

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